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Volunteer for weston irish festival

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Volunteers working a full shift listed below will receive:

  • Weston Irish Festival T-Shirt
  • Weston Brewing Company beer
  • Admission to all three days of the festival

We are no longer able to offer free food but are offering free admission to the entire festival instead of just one day.

Thanks for your help.


Empty Cells = Available Shifts

N/A = Shift not needed at that time of day

Email DeeDee@westonirish.com sign up for shifts

Saturday, Oct 12th

Sunday, Oct 13th

10:30am-3pm 2:30pm-7pm 6:30pm-10pm 10:30am-4pm 3pm-7pm
Front Gate Area Martha Ellison Alexander Geges Kelly Howe Ric Middlecamp
Front Gate Area Travis Grossman Scott Holt
Front Gate Area Mike Twombly John Werner Mike Fitch
Front Gate Area Chad Roberts Coleen Werner
Front Gate Area N/A Wayne Wellman
Front Gate Area NA Jenny Walton
Front Gate Area N/A
Front Gate Area N/A N/A
Front Gate Area NA
Front Gate Area N/A NA N/A
Front Gate Area N/A NA N/A
Stage Manager TS TS TS TS TS
Stage Hand 1 Ryan Supple Greg Marsden Ryan Supple Ryan Supple Ryan Supple
Stage Hand 2 N/A NA Melody Supple N/A NA
Stage Hand 3 N/A NA N/A NA
Merchandise Booth 1 Jenn & Bill Feller Jenn & Bill Feller Jenn & Bill Feller Jenn & Bill Feller Jenn & Bill Feller
Beer/Food Area Lea Ann Hogan Dan Leasure Dan Leasure
Beer/Food Area Lisa Elliot Anna Haning
Beer/Food Area Bob Easton Brent Newkirk Jill Beil
Beer/Food Area John Shores Bob Easton Michelle Newkirk Phil Beil Robert Rice
Beer/Food Area Sarah Bell Steven Grau Tony Paolillo Kenny Loy
Beer/Food Area Ron Edwards Kim Kaberline Rachel Paolillo Aaron Jung
Beer/Food Area NA Michelle Wineinger Joanne Sherry
Beer/Food Area N/A Al Markley Steven Mobley
Beer/Food Area N/A Paul Chedda
Beer/Food Area N/A Robin Chedda N/A
Beer/Food Area N/A Neil Chedda
Beer/Food Area NA Taylor Johnson
Beer/Food Area NA Diana Brockman
Beer/Food Area NA Donna Villegas
Beer/Food Area MM MM MM MM MM
Beer/Food Area N/A Branna Roe Pam Goodman
Beer/Food Area Stacey Edwards Allison Kellenberger Allison Kellenberger
Beer/Food Area N/A N/A N/A
Beer/Food Area NA N/A N/A
Trash Pick-up NA