The Andrew O’Malley Room

Room Description

Billed as a lesson in Irish history at the time of the Great Famine, this room is a faithful reconstruction of the County Mayo cottage where young Andrew lived with his parents, three brothers and three sisters. The height of the openings and splay admitted added sunlight and are a throwback to times when defenders of the castles and round towers wanted to limit the target area of their enemy and afford those inside a wide angle of view. Subtle hues of earth tones in the hemp floor coverings, painted china lamp shades and a pants-patch quilt give additional warmth and cheer to this charming snuggery. The fireplace is flanked by a stave-built upright plunge churn and a wooden meal ark. A spinning wheel, small turf wagon, fools chair, scythe, lantern and rent and tithe box offer evidence to the times. This is a first floor room with one king-size bed to accommodate no more than two guests.