Day Trip

Three New Brews in One Six Pack!

“Weston has been voted KC’s number one day trip destination for nearly two decades. We are celebrating this grand accomplishment with a variety six-pack of beers named after our favorite ways to take a trip!!”

Olivia is our 1964 Mooney airplane. No better way to see Weston from above.

Gretchen is our 1971 Volkswagen bus. She has traveled most of North and South America and now lives at the brewery in Weston.

Hildy is our 1978 Chrysler Buccaneer sailboat. A great way to take a trip on a warm day.

From the Brewer

Traditional German styles of beer grew out of the tastes of the people in the region and the availability of ingredients in the area.  Over time people selected the best combinations for the region.  In this box are three of our favorite German styles.  All three lagers use the same yeast, similar malts and similar hops used in slightly different ways.  We hope you will find these brews complementary and appreciate how subtle changes can make very different beers.

Olivia is our take on a Helles, a lightly hopped, delicate, blond lager

Gretchen is our take on a Dortmunder Export, a light amber, moderately-hopped lager.

Hildy is our take on a Schwarzbier which literally translates to black beer. Though darker than a Porter you’ll find this lager light in flavor and drinkability.

We consider this set of beers to be like a concept album. Three different beers that enjoy a similar theme. Three lagers that are likely to fit every occasion no matter where your DayTrip takes you.