Powers ($5)

Distinctively rich, round, and complex, full flavors come from the unique way in which Powers whiskeys are crafted. Triple distilled with more cut from the top and tail of the second and third charges, only the heart of the distillate is taken. Through a careful maturation, a powerful, spicy whiskey is born.

Hellcat Maggie ($5)

Hell-Cat Maggie was a well known member of the Dead Rabbits gang in Manhattan and was even known to file her teeth and fingernails so that she could better shred her opponents. Like Maggie, this whiskey is fiery and leaves you with a lingering taste you won’t soon forget.

Jameson ($6)

A blend of pot still and fine grain whiskeys that is as versatile as it is smooth. Triple-distilled and aged for a minimum of 4 years, this whiskey has the perfect balance of spicy, nutty and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry.

Jameson Caskmates ($7)

Jameson Caskmates has been finished in stout-seasoned whiskey casks. While our triple-distilled smoothness is very much intact, notes of cocoa, coffee and butterscotch confirm the stout influence.

Jameson Black Barrel ($7)

Black Barrel is a triple distilled blend of rich pot still and grain whiskey that is matured in a mixture of sherry casks and twice-charred bourbon barrels. Black Barrel delivers the signature smoothness of Jameson Original, with enhanced spice, nutty notes, vanilla sweetness and sherry fruit.

Irish Mist ($6)

Irish Mist Whiskey is a blend of 4 year old whiskeys that have been tripled distilled and patiently aged in American oak casks. Delivers rich aromas of raisins, vanilla, pear and soft spice.

Tullamore Dew ($6)

Triple distilled, triple blended and triple aged, Tullamore Dew is a trifecta. Its golden grain, full-flavored malt, and rich pot still distillation yields a whiskey of greater complexity and true Irish character.

Red Breast 12yr ($10)

Full-flavored and complex, Red Breast 12 has a harmonious balance of spicy, creamy, fruity, sherry, and toasted notes giving it its trademarked Christmas cake character.        

Connemara ($12)

Connemara’s smooth sweet malt taste and complex peat flavors make it a truly unique Irish whiskey. With a huge collection of Gold Medals behind it, Connemara allows you to unearth the peated pleasures of Ireland.

Green Spot ($12)

Comprised of a blend of Irish Whiskeys aged between 7 and 10 years, Green Spot has a full spicy body with a hint of clove, the fruity sweetness of green apples, all rounded off with toasted oak and a buttery finish.

Midleton Very Rare ($20)

Midleton Very Rare is a bottling of hand selected whiskeys from that are only bottled in small amounts once or twice a year. The whiskeys chosen are a blend of mature pot still and grain whiskey that have been matured in ex-bourbon barrels. This produces a whiskey with a base of a rich, creamy pot still character with hints of honey, citrus and a lingering peppery finish with an unrivaled smoothness.

Bushmills ($6)

A blend of Bushmills triple distilled malt whiskey and a lighter grain whiskey. You’ll notice it’s rich, smooth warming taste almost instantly. It’s an easy drinking, versatile whiskey that can be enjoyed anyway you please.

Bushmills Honey ($6)

Try this one if you want a deliciously fruity, smooth start followed by a sweet, honey finish. It’s an incredibly easy drinking spirit that is best enjoyed neat or over ice.

Bushmills Black ($7)

This whiskey combines a high amount of malt whiskey matured in former Oloroso Sherry casks, with a sweet, batch-distilled grain whiskey. This unique recipe means Black Bush has rich, fruity notes and a deep intense character, balanced by an incredibly unique smoothness.

Bushmills 10yr ($10)

Triple distilled from 100% malted barley and matured for at least 10 years in bourbon season barrels which give it it’s honey, vanilla and milk chocolate aroma. A perfect choice for the experienced Irish whiskey drinker.

Bushmills 21yr ($20)

Aged for a minimum of 19 years in former Oloroso Sherry and Bourbon-seasoned casks, then transferred into Madeira casks for a further 2 years. It has huge depth that interweaves dried fruit flavors with spicy, aromatic maltiness and subtle nutty raisin notes.