2017 Weston Irish Festival Volunteer Chart

Volunteers working a full shift listed below will receive:

  • Weston Irish Festival T-Shirt
  • Weston Commorative Mug
  • Admission to all three days of the festival

We are no longer able to offer free food but are offering free admission to the entire festival instead of just one day.

Thanks for your help.

Empty Cells = Available Shifts

N/A = Shift not needed at that time of day

Email corey at westonirish dot com to sign up for shifts

Friday, Oct 13th

Saturday, Oct 14th

Sunday, Oct 15th


10am-3pm 2pm-7pm 6pm-11pm 11am-4pm 3pm-9pm
Front Gate Area  Doug Bohl  Don O’Keefe  Stephen Grau  Kelly Howe  Kimberly Clifton  Ric Middlecamp
Front Gate Area  Kris McGinley  Sheryl O’Keefe  Kimberly Kaberline  Mike Fitch  Travis Grossman  Michelle Wineinger
Front Gate Area  Pam Smith  Hunter  Robbin Chedda  Brian Barnes  Sabrina Lasater    Michelle Velasquez
Front Gate Area  wayne Wellman  Jen  Paul Chedda  Michelle Velasquez  Maggie Easton
Front Gate Area  Amy Supple  Hunter  Bob Easton
Front Gate Area  Kara Rounkles NA  Jen  Angie Cairo
Front Gate Area N/A
Front Gate Area N/A N/A
Front Gate Area NA
Front Gate Area N/A NA N/A
Front Gate Area N/A N/A NA N/A
Stage Manager TS TS TS TS TS TS
Stage Hand 1  Greg Marsden  Ryan Supple  Ryan Supple
Stage Hand 2 N/A NA N/A NA
Stage Hand 3 N/A N/A NA N/A NA
Merchandise Booth 1 Jenn & Bill Feller Jenn & Bill Feller Jenn & Bill Feller Jenn & Bill Feller Jenn & Bill Feller Jenn & Bill Feller
Beer/Food Area  Stacey Edwards  Mandi McMillan  Camille Lauer  Donna Watkins  Bob Easton  Dan Leasure
Beer/Food Area  Ron Edawards  Jimmy McMillan  Aaron Lauer  Dan Leasure  Bob Easton
Beer/Food Area  Dana Goodmon  Marilyn McMillan  Kristin Sadell   Michelle Wineinger  Janelle MacDonnell
Beer/Food Area  Pam Goodmon  Bob Ott  Kenny Loy  Drew MacDonnell
Beer/Food Area  Allison Kellenberger  Sherrie Ott  Tony Paolillo
Beer/Food Area  Mandi McMillan  Chris S  Chris S  Chris S
Beer/Food Area  Jimmy McMillan NA   Dan Meeker  Rachel Paolillo
Beer/Food Area  Marilyn McMillan N/A  Natasha Olinetchouk  Aaron Jung
Beer/Food Area  Chana Casey N/A  John Shores
Beer/Food Area  Carl Medley N/A  Judy Shores N/A
Beer/Food Area  Steve Shores N/A  Donna Villegas
Beer/Food Area  Zack Gress NA  Dianna Brockman
Beer/Food Area NA Sean Murphy
Beer/Food Area NA NA
Beer/Food Area MM MM MM MM MM MM
Beer/Food Area  NA
Beer/Food Area  NA
Beer/Food Area NA
Beer/Food Area NA
Trash Pick-up