Draught Beer ($4)

See current list of draft beers on table.

New seasonals are available throughout the year. Come back often!

More beers from Weston Brewing Co. available in cans! See our canned beer list for a full selection!

Domestic Beer ($4)

Bud Light
Miller Lite
Busch NA
Smirnoff Ice
Twisted Tea
Michelob Ultra

Bottled Beer ($5)

Rolling Rock
Pilsner Urquel
Blvd IPA
Blvd Pale Ale
Blvd Wheat
Bass Ale
Wyder’s Cider

Beer Drinks ($5)

Wild Boar
Guinness and Ginger Ale

Black Sod

Guinness and Drop Kick Ale

Snake Bite

Royal Lager and Magner’s Cider

Black Velvet

Magner’s Irish Cider and Guinness

The Old Man O’Malley

O’Malley’s Stout, Vodka and Tabasco

Prince Harry
Royal Lager and Pedal Hard Ginger Beer

Guinness and O’Malley’s Irish Cream Ale

Red Hugh O’Donnell
O’Malley’s Cream Ale and Spicy Tomato Juice

Hard Cream Soda and O’Malley’s Irish Cream Ale

Moscow Mule ($7)
Pedal Hard Ginger Beer, Vodka, Lime Juice

Irish Mule ($7)
Pedal Hard Ginger Beer, Jameson, Lime Juice

Root Beer Float ($8)
Row Hard Root Beer, Chila Orchata, Vanilla Vodka


Irish Whiskey*

John Powers ($5)
Hellcat Maggie ($5)
Jameson ($6)
Bushmills ($6)
Jameson Caskmates ($7)
Bushmills Honey ($6)
Jameson Black Barrel ($7)
Bushmills Black ($7)
Irish Mist ($6)
Bushmills 10yr ($10)
Tullamore Dew ($6)
Bushmills 21yr ($20)
Red Breast ($10)
Connemara ($12)
Green Spot ($12)
Midleton Very Rare ($20)

*All subject to availability


Wine ($4)

White Zinfandel
Pinot Grigio Riesling
Merlot  Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Noir

Hot Drinks ($5)

Irish Coffee
John Powers Irish Whiskey, Coffee and Sugar topped with Whipped Cream

Croagh Climber
McCormick’s Irish Cream and Coffee topped with Whipped Cream

Peppermint Paddy
Peppermint Schnapps and Hot Chocolate topped with Whipped Cream

Aunt Molly
Irish Mist and Coffee topped with Whipped Cream and Crème de Menthe

Celtic Coffee
John Powers, Coffee Liqueur and Coffee topped with Whipped Cream

Apple Schnapps and cider with a cinnamon stick

Speciality Drinks

Water Horse ($5)
Melon Liqueur and Grapefruit Juice

Green River ($5)
Melon Liqueur, Apple Pucker, Sweet & Sour

Mallo ($5)
Irish Whiskey and Sweet and Sour

Connaught Coke ($5)
McCormick’s Irish Cream over a pint of Cola

Willow ($5)
Irish Whiskey, Sweet and Sour, & Black Currant

Indeed ($6)
Vodka, a pickle and Spicy Tomato Juice

Bailey’s Comet ($7)
Irish Cream, Coffee Liqueur and Vodka

Irish Root Beer ($8)
Irish Whiskey, Irish Cream, Coffee Liqueur, & Row Hard Root Beer

Irish Trash Can ($9)
Tequila, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Blue Curacao, Red Bull

Frozen Drinks ($6)

Roonah Mist
Tequila, Triple Sec and Raspberry

Amazing Grace
McCormick’s Irish Cream and Peach

Rum, Punch and a splash of Sweet & Sour

Nutty Irishman
McCormick’s Irish Cream, Hazelnut Liqueur and Banana

Bu’s Ambrosia
Malibu Rum, Blue Curacao, Pina Colada Mix and Pineapple Juice

Upstairs Maid
Peppermint Schnapps, Strawberry, &  Sweet & Sour

Clew Bay
Melon Liqueur, Punch and a splash of Sweet & Sour

Specialty Shots

Irish Car Bomb ($7)
Half Pint O’Malley’s Stout with a ½ shot of  Irish Whiskey and a ½ shot of Irish Cream

Jager Bomb ($7)
Half Pint Energy Drink with a shot of Jagermeister

Vegas Bomb ($7)
Half Pint of Energy Drink with a shot of Crown Royal, Southern Comfort and Peach Schnapps

Root Beer Bomb ($7)
Half Pint of Row Hard Root Beer with a shot of Chila Orchata & Vanilla  Vodka

Beelzebomb ($7)
Half Pint of Lil’ Lucy’s Hot Pepper Ale with a shot of Tequila and Tabasco Sauce

Irish Breakfast ($5)
½ Shot of Buttershots Liqueur with a ½ Shot of Irish Whiskey followed by shot of Orange Juice

Baby Guinness ($5)
Shot of Coffee Liqueur with a top layer of Irish Cream

Dirty Girl Scout ($5)
Vanilla Vodka, Irish Cream, Crème de Menthe

Irish Hammer ($5)
Irish Cream, Jack Daniels, Irish Mist Whiskey

Soft Drinks ($2)

Diet Pepsi
Sierra Mist
Dr. Pepper
Mountain Dew
Ginger Ale
Tonic Water
Hot Chocolate
SoBe Energy
Red Bull
Red Bull (SF)
Root Beer



T-Shirts ($15)
Souvenir Mugs ($10)

Take home a 6-pack ($6) or case ($20) of Weston Brewing Company beer! See the restaurant Hostess to purchase!