Corned Beef Sandwich ($7)

Our corned beef is cooked in our very own stout and is served on a hoagie with Swiss cheese and beer mustard (sauerkraut optional). Comes with chips and a pickle.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich ($7)

Pulled pork served on a hoagie and covered in BBQ sauce! Comes with chips & a pickle.

Shredded Chicken Sandwich ($7)

Shredded chicken served on a hoagie and topped with ranch sauce. Comes with chips and a pickle.

Shredded Chicken Nachos ($7)

We cover the nachos with shredded chicken and slather it in Monterey Jack cheese sauce. Comes with jalapeños and salsa on the side.

BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos ($7)

These nachos are covered in our pulled pork along with BBQ sauce and cheese sauce drizzled all over. Comes with a pickle on top just because.

Soft Pretzels ($5)

Five soft pretzel sticks served with a side of O’Malley’s beer mustard and Monterey Jack cheese sauce.

Spicy Banger ($5)

Made with our Lil’ Lucy’s Hot Pepper Ale, this banger is red, so you know it’s hot. Served with O’Malley’s beer mustard on a Hoagie. As always, it comes with potato chips and a pickle

Stout Banger ($5)

Made with our own stout, this banger is quite tasty. Served on a hoagie with beer mustard, potato chips, and a pickle.