O’Malley’s Cream Ale

O’Malley’s Cream Ale -golden in color- is a smooth, sweet and creamy brew with a light floral hop nose, malty middle and smooth finish. Don’t miss the brew that started it all.



Drop Kick Ale

Drop Kick Ale.  This concoction bears the best of an American brown ale and an English stye bitter to tickle your taste buds pint after pint.


O’Malley’s Stout

O’Malley’s Stout had been in the works for almost two years. It was originally called Prototype Stout as we worked on the recipe. With the help of our patrons and friends we have developed this dry Irish Stout. Specifically brewed for fun nights in the Irish Pub.


Carrot Apple Ale

The love child of a V8, and one of our beers, blessed us with Himmel & Erde, our Carrot Apple Ale.  This new favorite is a sweet, like a cider, and nuclear orange, thanks to its carrot lineage.


O’Malley’s I•S•B

O’Malley’s Irish Style Bitter, or ISB, is our springtime, St. Patrick’s seasonal.  Think of this as an Irish Red, with just enough additional hop content to make it belligerent.

O’Malley’s Apple Ale

Our own take on hard apple ciders, this light, crisp beer is great some summer quaffing on the outdoor patio, or great for taking home in growlers for all of your summertime activities.